Snap-on LED Work Light, 2000 lm

by Driven Studios


This Snap-on LED work light has an output of 2000 lumens. The revolutionary designed LED work light allows the Snap-on work light to remain cool to the touch when in use. LED lighting systems don't radiate heat the way an incandescent or halogen light bulb does which makes it a safer light source as it does not become excessively hot to the touch when in operation. This incredibly bright LED work light can also can be paired with additional an Snap-on work light or group of work lights to provide the ultimate lighting solution for 1000's of applications such as photography, video, construction, automotive repairs, sports and so much more. This light is lightweight and provides easy mobility making it extremely easy to transport to job sites and move around when in use. Snap-on LED work light (25W). No. of LED's:46, color temperature:5000k, usage: dry location cord lenth:6 Ft.(1.8M), plug type: Grounded, 3-Prong lumens:2000 lms.